Drought Tolerant Plantings with Water Efficient Sprinklers

Xeriscape planting are the use of plants and trees that uses a lot less water and reduce your water energy bills and help the environment. Plants and trees help reduce the carbon foot print because they take the carbon monoxide out of are air and produce oxygen that we need. In are arid drought impacted climate, we here at Landscapers Temecula have found a lot of the native plants and trees that work well in a xeriscape landscape projects theme. We have found that we can still do a good job and with the use of a lot of your old favorite plants and trees to. There are plants you mite not have ever thought of witch can work quite well in a xeriscape landscaping. Grass lawn, ground cover can still be used like hybrids such as fescues, Bermudas, vines, and so many more. Landscaper Temecula will be helping you step by step to build a xeriscape, planting theme. We can design a xeriscape landscape for you, either it be a Mountain, Desert Southwest, Asian or even a Tuscany, Californian life style palm tree look. With the endless verity of plants and trees colors, sizes Landscaper Temecula can make it happen for your new xeriscape landscaping.

In conjunction with low water xeriscape planting a good back bone for you new plantings is a good sprinkler, drip, Irrigation system. That is managed by state of the art, smart, xeriscape controller timer, systems. Automatic rain, soil and monitoring sensors can greatly help you xeriscaping landscaping. Satellite, switching, system which can turn you sprinklers on and off automatically monitor Evapro – Transpirations, (E.T.) and put down exactly the right amount of water your xeriscape landscape needs. For xeriscape drip systems, we have gone more now days with a hard line drip system, with a separate admitter for each plant and tree. For better lawn irrigation efficiency the new rotary type nozzles work great. The advantage with the rotary heads is the water come out of the sprinkler nozzle in a multitude of stream spray drop lets. The old standard lawn type pop up spray head have a problem with water loss, do to misting effect as the water come out of the sprinkler nozzles witch increase evaporation and a loss of water.

All this xeriscape landscaping will make a difference for your home in Temecula Valley.

To help you further with your Xeriscape, Sprinklers, Irrigations, and Controllers, and Timers here are some web pages you can check out and see for yourself.