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Walls (block walls) are an important part of your landscape design. Block and brick can be used to make, fire rings, pits, pilasters, mow curbs, garden walls, retaining walls, and decorative walks its really endless the things you can build. The versatility of block, brick, and pavers can have a great impact in the creation of landscape. With the seemingly endless array of colors and shapes, you are sure to come up with something unique to your design tastes. Block brick and pavers can be enhanced even more with the use of decorative and native, colored rocks, boulders, gravels, sands, and decomposed gravel D.G. All this can work for your home in the Temecula.

When it comes to products we purchase and use only the finest materials. Orco Brand Country Manor block. Orco Brand Country Manor offers the appearance of rustic, hand-laid stone walls with the strength and ease of installation provided by the latest in modular, pin connected retaining wall technology. Rugged, yet blended with color and character, these high strength concrete units appear as natural stone that has weathered over time like the old world stone walls found throughout Europe.

Walls are an Important Element in Landscaping

When it comes to brick and pavers Pacific Clay Product’s Pavers are hard and durable, low maintenance and long lasting they are a local manufacturer company and provide an excellent product. With Pacific Clay’s Pavers, a variety of patterns can be created to reflect contrast or unity. Over the years we have used these pavers on sidewalks, streets, patios and pool decks throughout homes in Temecula and Murrieta.

Check out these links to the manufactures and brands that we trust check below and see for yourself, the endless varieties and versatility of block, brick, and pavers can have a dramatic impact on the design of your landscape in Temecula and Murrieta.

Country Manor ORCO Mortarless Walls (PDF)

Keystone Country Manor offers the appearance and craftsmanship of hand-laid stone with the advantages of segmental wall construction and design.

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