Our Unique Design Process

Landscapers Temecula has successfully landscaped hundreds of homes throughout the Temecula Valley , budgets do vary from job to job but over the years we’ve developed a unique system to help simplify the process for you, we’ve learned over many years what landscapes¬† work for this area. We will be honest and upfront with you from the beginning. Our design build process Involves 10 steps see the typical job process below:

  1. You call us 24-7 and we take down all your pertinent Information.
  2. You’re when contacted by our estimator within a day or so who conducts a brief phone Interview to discuss your budget, Ideas needs and wants. If it sounds like we can help you, we then schedule a site visit to your home.
  3. Our estimator meets with you at your home and shares with you pictures and Ideas collaborating together with you to come up with a basic plan of what you want, measurements will be taken at this time, marking out the area to define perimeters, certain materials and finishes will be shown to you and displayed for you to possibly choose from so we can provide you with an accurate bid.
  4. A complete estimate is sent to you based on what you and the estimator discussed during the previous visit. The estimate will be broken out and Itemized and is based on actual square footage and unit pricing. It will Include the total cost of the project and progress payments that will need to be paid throughout the project as it progresses.
  5. Upon review and a possible follow-up call, you would accept the agreement by your signature on the contract, your project is then added to our schedule and your given an approximate start date.
  6. Job Starts, Our estimator and foreman meet with you marking out and defining the Items within your contract and design. If permits are needed we work on starting the process with the city or county. We then start breaking ground usually demolition rough grading, trenching work on the piping of utilities, drain lines, Irrigation, etc. All these Items are the Important hidden backbone of your landscaping.
  7. Hardscape would be Installed next If concrete, walls or masonry is Installed our foreman and crew level out the ground Import and Install gravel base that is compacted to insure a solid level surface. Form boards are installed for your patio and walkways based on previous visits and or drawings. A signoff form is then initialed agreeing on were the concrete and masonry should be. Design changes often occur throughout the design build process, all changes/ additions above and beyond the original contract would be handled by written change orders signed and agreed on in advance of any further work occurring between both parties.
  8. The concrete is then scheduled and poured and finished throughout. In a few days it is dry and able to walk on, at that point the forms are removed and the area is cleaned up accordingly.
  9. If plants are being Installed this process would be completed last, our crew would Install the plants amendments mulch and finish adjustments to the Irrigation system. a final go through and cleaning of your property by our team would occur at this point.
  10. Job is complete, a final walk-through with you the foreman and estimator making sure your completely satisfied with your new landscape and is enjoyed by you and your family for many years to come.