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Concrete is a major design element of a complete landscape project. It is so versatile for so many applications, such as patios, sidewalks, landings, stepping stones, stairways, and driveways. This versatility comes into play with the endless choices in color, texture, techniques, stamping. It’s also one of the most cost-effective landscaping design elements you can incorporate to boost your home’s curb appeal. Landscapers Temecula has the skills, and experience to ensure your project turns out amazing no matter what we do in your backyard Concrete Driveways, Steps, Walkways, and Patios, Our masonry specialists in Temecula are experts when it comes to working with concrete. We can create all sorts of configurations for you out of concrete including concrete driveways, patios, steps, sidewalks and walkways. It’s a budget-friendly medium that makes building up the surfaces of your landscape design easy low maintenance and cost effective.

Concrete is Sturdy, Reliable and Inexpensive

When it comes to pavers we use Orco paving stones, adding beauty and longevity to any home. Chosen for their natural good looks and durability, they are parallel to the stepping-stones of Europe that have been used for centuries. Orco paving stones are undeniably the best design for every imaginable landscaping use – from small residential to large commercial projects, harmonizing earth with modern living.

When it comes to products and color we only use the finest materials and suppliers. We purchase all our concrete and color from Superior Ready Mix they provide us and our customers with the highest quality concrete, using prompt, efficient and superior service, they have always stood behind their product 100%. They are local Family owned and operated since 1958, Superior Ready Mix has built a solid reputation in Temecula by continually and consistently providing our company and customers with the very best materials. When using color mixed in the material we only use Davis Color Brand pigments they are considered the very best when it comes to adding color to your project. When ordering and purchasing the concrete for your home we always order 2500 Psi product with fiber mesh. We have found over the years this adds to the strength and longevity of you patio or walkway.

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